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Many organizations have their own canteen or facility on contract to provide food/meal at economical price for their employees. Traditionally, the practice followed is distributing manual printed coupon to employees at a prepaid cost. However this system demands more logistics in printing, distributing coupons and moreover maintaining the account of each employee's entitlement. There is no need of any manual system if our canteen management system is used and the information flow to employee, to the canteen contractor and HR is seamlessly available.

All the necessary functions are provided by the canteen management system software. Any customization also can be added to the canteen management software as it is developed by our own team. With several installations running successfully in our esteemed clients’ premises, our software makes the canteen management an easy task.

Critical tasks like post-paid salary deduction for employees and providing subsidy for the expenses in running the canteen and several similar challenges are efficiently handled by our canteen management system.

  • Manage huge database without much effort
  • Manual entry and coupon distribution system are eliminated
  • It is a fully-automated user-friendly system
  • It makes the canteen process completely cashless
  • The details on the card can be changed anytime

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