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  • rfid-Dtl
  • rfid-Dtl

RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification. The offered product finds application in universities, colleges and large corporates. The main objective of the system is to reduce the time taken in manual recording of attendance. The existing method is time consuming and involves manpower. Thus, we present to you an RFID based attendance management system that is systematic and efficient. It efficiently records time and attendance.

The system has a microcontroller which stores the attendance of the respective person in the microcontroller memory. Each student or employee is given an RFID card. Typically an RFID reader is placed at the entrance of an organisation. In order to register the entry and exit time, the reader has to place the card on the reader and the system will automatically note the time.

  • Convenience to employees and office administration
  • Easy and flexible reports
  • No manpower involved
  • Error free recording of attendance
  • Easy to log in and log out
  • Fast employee data recording and processing
  • Manages time attendance, shifts, leaves and overtime

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