Token display system

Token display system

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Our digital token display system is an efficient and systematic way designed to ensure disciplined and guided customer service. It helps in establishing a good relationship between the user, customer and receptionist. The system helps in sound planning, time management, prioritising VIPs or elderly customers in a diplomatic manner. All our models are easy to install, operate and maintain and are extremely cost-effective.

To use the system, the customers only have to select a pre-defined service on the touchscreen kiosk, take a token and wait in the designated waiting area. The system will announce the token and display the counter number. The token number display will also say out the token number loud and clear. The electronic system is a customer friendly method. It reduces commotion and creates peace in the office. The token display system can also be used as an advertising tool. While the customers are waiting, the system displays various promotion messages or even stock market and Sensex information.

  • Reduces manpower, improves operators performance
  • Helps to manage large number of people
  • Organised flow of crowd
  • User-friendly technology
  • Also an effective advertising tool

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