Access controls

Controller Based Access Control System

Any organizations whether small medium or large are constantly identifying areas of risk and taking steps to reduce that risk. Businesses implement access control to ensure that each user (inside or outside of the organization) only has access to the resources necessary to perform their respective tasks, while preventing access to resources that are not relevant to the user.
We recognize the importance of access control in everyday security, understand its management implications, and help clients match access control be it office, building, road parking area to compliance obligations.

Benefits of controller based Access control system

Enhanced security system

No need to install new communication lines

There are no limitations regarding the number of IP controllers in a system

Intelligent door communication

Advanced Network Access Control (NAC) Services

Finger Print Access Control System

The fingerprint access control system is gaining immense recognition and is being used by many people across the globe. The system only permits access to people whose fingerprint matches with the stored database of fingerprints. It is a much preferred security system over passwords and proximity cards.

Fingerprint access control systems are different from the traditional biometric systems. It has its own fingerprint sensor that performs all biometric processing (sensing and matching) on the same device. It protects the privacy of the user at all times.

Road Access Control System

Road Access controls /Boom barriers are designed and engineered to manage vehicle access in all types of residential as well as commercial premises. We offer efficient security control systems at exit and entry points of factories, office complexes, apartments and parking lots, or to limit the trespassing.The boom barriers are compatible with all types of access control systems and can be operated using push button, key switch remote control and magnetic card reader using proximity cards, anti crash sensor, loop detector and Bio-metric.

An ultimate security device enhances security options, intelligent door communication and superior performance.
An electronic security device that identifies users and controls entry or exit from protected areas. It has an internal web server and connect directly to LAN/WAN. It monitors door inputs and controlling locks.

Visitor Management System

Be it an office or an apartment or while entering most buildings, we require to sign a register book, enter our name, date, time and name of the person we are supposed to meet. Many times it can get annoying as the guards don’t take it seriously and you know that most of the entries are just for the sake of it.

We at Breakthru provide Visitor management system, an innovative new technology allowing organizations to track individual or groups, provides access control in conjunction with entry system and provide visitor management functionality, including data entry, design and badge printing. Unique to this system is the capability to directly interface with the customer’s existing database in real time. Images and other visitor information are displayed at check-in with visitor management software.