Guard Patrol System

A guard patrol system

Patrolling is a simple and cost-effective solution as it ensures security services and tamperproof logging of data.
A guard patrol system is a system for logging the patrols of guard in a variety of situations. It helps ensure that the guard makes his or her appointed rounds at the correct intervals and can offer a virtually indisputable record for legal reasons. Essentially, the system provides a means to record the time when the employee reaches certain important points on their tour.
It is an alert and systematic approach to prevent theft, property damage, crime or sabotage. The checkpoints are commonly placed at extreme ends of the route and at critical points such as where there are vital equipment or access points.


  1. SOS message to control an emergency
  2. Records real time location of guards at patrol times
  3. The system accurately captures the time
  4. No room for tampering or manipulation
  5. No room for tampering or manipulation
  6. Data can be loaded to the main computer for further analysis